Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Review: Thunder Road Steakhouse and Cantina - Albuquerque, New Mexico

My New York Strip

M's T-bone

Derek had the tacos del pescado (fish tacos)

Sacha had the Bistec del Mar (Flank Steak with Sauteed Crab and Asadero Cheese Sauce)
As I mentioned last week my friends and I were still celebrating my birthday by going to the Rt. 66 Casino over the weekend. M and I got a room because I wanted to party it up (yeah right), and I have to say that we were pretty impressed with the entire place as soon as we got there.

We arrived around 4, and immediately went upstairs to check out our room. We were on the 6th floor, and had a great view of the hotels' marquee and parking lot. Not that bad of a view, there were lots of lights and people coming and going, so we had a lot to look at. Once settled, we went down to the casino to find a drink. We found some really great margarita's at the new restaurant Thunder Road. In fact, the margarita's were so good that I quickly guzzled down the first one and found that I had room for a couple more. The bartender was really friendly and pointed out that they have a complimentary salsa bar with 12 salsas, fresh made tortillas, and a few other things to nibble on. This made my day because we weren't going to eat until 8, and I needed a snack.

After awhile we headed back up to the room, took a quick nap, and felt recharged for the night! We met some friends for dinner, and I think that we were all pretty impressed with the steakhouse. The food was good, the prices were decent, and there was live music. The band plays on a stage that above the bar! It was all pretty exciting.

See that police car? It is actually on the bar, and when the band comes up, the car goes into the ceiling!

Anyway, back to the food...I had a NY strip, that came with calabacitas and chile mashers. The mashers were excellent! They were loaded with green chile, butter, and garlic. I am definitely going to try and make these at home. M got the T-bone with mashers and beans. The steaks were cooked just right, and really juicy! I had another margarita to accompany my meal, and my buddy Derek had a Green Chile Rita that had quite the kick.

After dinner, we checked out the KXX Nightclub and did a little dancing. It was pretty crowded and the music was good! It was SO nice to have a room afterwards...

Overall, I really enjoyed the restaurant; and the casino for that matter. The atmosphere was fun, and the food was good and not too expensive. They offered generous portions as well. The waitstaff was attentive, and friendly. It's definitely worth the drive out; Rt. 66 is about 20 min west of Albuquerque on the Laguna Pueblo.

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  1. Happy Birthday Elva! Just getting the chance to celebrate that made it great weekend! This is a great spot for a nearby, affordable, fun, overnight getaway! I think I covered all the superlatives... Pre-dinner snacks and drinks at the bar were awesome, followed by good steaks and drinks at dinner and we then danced the night away at the KXX nightclub! Just one more great weekend!

  2. I guess my sad little burger wasn't exciting enough to add to the dinner list but I will say that the burger was quite tasty. THe green chile BBQ sauce was delish and the onion rings pulled it all together quite nicely.


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