Friday, October 8, 2010

Birthday Party!

After work on Wednesday I went to my moms for a special birthday dinner. She and my sister-in-law prepared a fantastic feast! We had a dish my mom is famous for called french beef with rice. My sister-in-law made her famous green chile stew. Also, there were chicken wings, salad, and a ton of various side treats. For dessert we had a birthday cake, with 2 kinds of ice cream.

My mom even made candied apples. Yes, candied apples. Which I thought was funny, because I cannot remember my mom EVER making candied or caramel apples when we were little, even though I always wanted her too. I was too full to eat one on this night, but I had one the next day, and boy was it good. I found out later that she made them with apples from one of New Mexico's most famous apple orchards, Dixon Farms. That reminded me of another thing we never did as kids...picked apples!

Another birthday has come and gone, but the celebrations haven't! M is coming up from Alamogordo this weekend and we are going to eat dinner here and then party it up here. It's going to be so much fun! I'll try to remember to take lots of pictures, but the restaurant has a tequila bar, and my friends know how I am when it comes to margaritas!

Thanks again to all my FB friends for the birthday wishes! It made me feel so special!

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  1. The cake was really good...and especially the green chile stew! I must admit I'm not a big candy apple fan but I was really looking forward to trying one! What happened to my candy apple El? :-)


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