Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 16: Lunch and Dinner

I remember this day, but only because it was the day that I got stuck in traffic driving towards the National Pow Wow - on accident. That sucked! In honor of the pow wow, I had a Navajo taco for lunch from Twisters. It was just ok, the chicken was a little soupy!

For dinner, my parents took me to one of our favorite spots, Los Cuates. I usually get the chicken enchiladas with green. but opted for the carne asada soft tacos, which like the Navajo taco was just alright. The meat was kind of dry, and so were the tortillas.

Day 15: Green Chile Cheese Burger Ecstasy

Who knows what any of my other meals were for this day....the only one that matters is lunch. Me and the boys went to my favorite hamburger joint Bubster's (the original Rex's) and I had this delicious green chile cheeseburger with bacon and a side of fries! Oh man, you gotta try these!

Day 14: Lunch and Dinner

Day 14 was special, it was admin day and my boss took me out for lunch to Scalo's Northern Italian Grille. When I was in my early twenties this was the spot, and then something suddenly changed (probably the menu) and my friends and I took a few years off. I've been there for lunch before but it didn't leave an impression like this time. We split an order of calamari to start, and then I had a grilled chicken panini, which was auh-mazing! My pictures suck for this entry, I had to use my cell phone. Oh, they do something great with their has shrimp in it too!

For dinner, my parents came over and treated me to Rudy's BBQ. Yum!  Ribs, sausage, and brisket. Nothing more to say!

Day 13: Lunch, Snack, and Dinner

I knew that staring and keeping up with this blog was going to be a challenge. I found myself getting bored with my own food choices, and have come to the conclusion that I'm pretty boring! I mean, really how many different ways can I take a picture of a cup of yogurt. I'm sure there are a thousands ways, but when you eat right out of the cup...?

Anyway, here's where I jumped off of the wagon. Day 13. This day I went home and had a bbq pork chop sandwich for lunch, a handful of pretzels to snack on, and some grilled chicken with corn and mashed potatoes for din din. By the way, this is a full size can of diet coke, not a mini that I am so fond of!
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