Friday, October 22, 2010

Review: Sunday Brunch at the Broadmoor - Colorado Springs, Colorado

Ahhhh...the Broadmoor.

I had seen the fine delicacies of this hotel on many travel and food network shows, and  I have always wanted to come here for Brunch.On our recent visit to Colorado Springs, M didn't let me down. I am normally not a huge buffet fan, the good ones are so expensive and I usually get full on one plate. I also have a hard time deciding what I want, and make all of the wrong choices. Not at the Broadmoor though; not at all!

As you drive onto the property you are immediately greeted with stunning mountain views and beautiful architecture. The sight took my breathe away, and I was giddy with excitement. I imagine that when I strike it rich I'll be staying on properties around the world that are this breathless, but for now I relish in the moment and thank M once again for bringing me here.

We had a reservation for 11:30, after getting a little lost on the way in we made it to the hostess station at 11:31. We were immediately seated and the hostess pulled out my chair AND laid my napkin across my lap. As our waitress arrived to take our drink order, I mentally prepared myself for the treats that lie ahead. Once she walked away, we practically ran to the buffet.
My Plate

M's Plate

One of my most favorite breakfast dishes is Eggs Benedict. I knew that they had a made to order station for them, so this was my first stop. M headed straight to the omelet station. We had to wait for a little while, and I have to admit that once I got my order an overwhelming feeling of anxiousness set in. I had no idea what I wanted now or what direction to go. As soon as I noticed the mountain of bacon and sausage, I felt more at ease. My first plate consisted of the following: Eggs Benedict, corned beef hash, bacon, sausage link, cheese blintz with berry sauce, mini bagel with lox, pan fried potatoes. M had an omelet, bacon, sausage link, potatoes, and a cheese biscuit. He said the omelet was the best he ever had! After we finished, we took a 15 min break, and then explored some more. From the carving station, we both got a slice of Honey Glazed Ham. I  also had a slice of Rib Eye Tenderloin with fresh horse radish sauce. The ham was so good; it was moist but crispy on the outside. I also had a few slices of cheese and a Belgium waffle; M had pancakes.

Only part of the dessert table

I forgot to take a picture of the Bananas Foster!

After that plate, we took another break and then headed up for dessert. There was a lady there making Bananas Fosters to order, and that was what I HAD to have. I made M get some too, even though he said he didn't like them. Next we hit up the chocolate fountain, because I don't know anyone that can pass up 4 feet of liquid chocolate goodness. M also got a gold dusted brownie; it was delicious!!!

I loved this place! I loved the food, atmosphere, and everything about it!!! There was only one thing wrong....and it's not even my complaint. M wanted grits, and there were none on the buffet. The buffet staff told us to ask our waitress and the kitchen staff could make some if they had them available. We did that, but our waitress forgot all about it.

If you decide to check out the brunch, dress sharp as they have a strict dress code and don't forget your wallet because it's pretty pricey. I bet they'd make you work for days if you couldn't afford it!!! Just kidding, everyone was so nice, they would probably let you slide...Oh, and wear your expandable pants :o)

Here are some photos from an area just past the dinning room. It was really a spectacular place.

View from right above the front entrance of the hotel


  1. Failed to mention the price

  2. Sorry about not mentioning the price...going to the buffet was a special birthday treat so I am not exactly sure how much it cost. Maybe around $40/person. Steep, I know, but this isn't your average buffet!


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