Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Review: Ritz Grill - Colorado Springs, Colorado

Last weekend, M took me on a surprise weekend getaway to Colorado Springs. He planned everything!!! Which was awesome because I didn't have to do a thing....We started our trip out of Albuquerque around 9, and arrived in the Springs around 2:30. We had plans as soon as we got there to go to the Money Museum. I'm kind of a coin collecting nerd, so this was a real highlight for me! Afterwards, we went to our hotel and relaxed for a while before dinner.

Dinner was in downtown at a restaurant called the Ritz Grill. It gave the impression of being an upscale old fashioned diner. They are famous for the really good food and martinis, of course. Since it's downtown there was an wide array of customers. There were a lot of business people mixed in with some hip looking youngsters.

We had a reservation, and were seated right away. We picked out a booth and had a really nice, but very quiet waitress.We could barely hear a word she said, but thank goodness she could hear us because she got our drink order right. I got a Cherry Limeade martini, and M got his usual Tanqueray and Tonic.She also brought out some warm house baked sour dough bread. We knew that the food would be good when we ate this.
Beef Bulgogi Lettuce Wraps
Graham Cracker Encrusted Calamari
Chicken Cordon Bleu

There were so many things to choose from on the menu, that we decided to share a few things. Plus, we were  starving so the idea of having lots of food in front of us right away was very appealing! We ordered 2 appetizers, Graham Cracker Encrusted Calamari and Beef Bulgogi Lettuce Wraps with Kim-chi and Pickled Cucumbers (isn't that a pickle anyway?). Both were amazing! For our entree we split the Free Range Chicken Cordon Bleu with ham, gouda, mornay sauce, baby carrots, spinach. This was also amazing!!! We could've licked the plate, but since we were minding our manners we used the chicken to mop up all the sauce.

We were at the restaurant pretty early, as we had reservations at 7:30 but stayed until after 9. There was a band setting up while we were eating, but we left before they played.We were so full that we wanted to walk around awhile to check out the downtown nightlife. After about a block we were ready for dessert, and found Pike's Perk Coffee & Tea Shop and got our chocolate fix on with a slice of cake AND a mocha. The cake slice was humongous and equally delicious!!!

I was very impressed with both the Ritz and Pike's Perk. And not to mention Colorado Springs. We had such a fantastic time strolling through downtown. We found a ton of other restaurants that we're going to have go back and try. My only complaint about the Ritz was that it was so loud. It seemed like M and were yelling at each other across the table the whole night.

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