Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hoe Cakes Re-Visited

Over labor day weekend, M and I were invited over to Becky's for a small BBQ. Included as a guest was one of my favorite friends Kevin who was visiting home from Portland, Oregon.

We made pork spare ribs with a Jamaican jerk BBQ sauce, and hoe cakes. We also took over a watermelon for dessert. Becky made potato salad, her famous burgers, and fresh green chile salsa. It was a delicious meal, and we had a great time visiting..

The ribs were amazing! I used a dry rub and put them in the oven for 3 hours. Then we finished them off on the grill with the Jamaican BBQ sauce. They were were so moist that the meat nearly fell off the the bones. No pictures though! I totally forgot!!!

Ahhh, hoe cakes. I had previously blogged about them here. I was so excited to try the recipe. I have a lot of thoughts about them:

First, M insisted that what I was making was NOT hoe cakes. He's from Georgia and subsequently the subject matter expert on all things southern. He said that I was making hoat cakes or hope cakes. I told him that I got the recipes from CNN and I was right.

Second, this is a pretty labor intensive recipe. It took me forever to get everything together. Maybe I just spazzed when prepping because I was so hot from the oven being on for so long. 

Third, my cast iron skillet is about 5 inches high, and about 10 inches round. It was really hard to maneuver the spatula into the pan and flip the little suckers correctly. Maybe it had something to do with my bright idea of making them larger than what the recipe said. After seeing my frustration, M suggested that I use his electric griddle. It was a lot easier and they came out looking pretty good, but since I didn't fry them in butter they weren't as crisp as I thought they should be.

They were a hit at the BBQ, but I don't know if I'll make them again. When I went over to Becky's for the season finale of TruBlood, 2 Sunday's ago, we all cheered when Sam made Tara hoe cakes for breakfast. See M, I was right!!!

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