Friday, September 3, 2010

Review: Two Fools Tavern - Albuquerque, New Mexico

Scotch Eggs

One of the best parts of living in my "on the border of the ghetto" town home, is that right on the other side of the hood are some of , in my opinion, the best places in town for food. I am course referring to the Nob Hill area. This is where I practically grew up since I attended a highschool right down the street.

One of mine a M's favorite places to chill is Two Fool's Tavern. We love the old Irish feel, and that futbal is always on the telly. It's generally always packed, so be prepared to sit at the bar; we certainly don't mind. On this particular visit, we showed up on a Sunday night around 6 and we couldn't get over how not crowded it was. It was totally out of the ordinary. We sat at the bar anyway.

I wish that I could say that I've worked my way through the menu - I can't. I fell in love with their fish and chips a long time ago and even though I look longingly at the menu I can never bring myself to order anything different. M, on the other hand, has navigated his way around it but only far enough to try a burger. My buddy Neil likes the Cottage Pie, and another buddy Chuck swears they have one of the best burgers in town.

These are no ordinary fish and chips either. These puppies are huge pieces of Icelandic Haddock that are ale battered. They are deep fried to perfection, and served with a mountain of perfectly salted fries. It also comes with the best, and I'm ashamed to say the only coleslaw that I have ever tried (so what? I'm afraid of cabbage). The tarter sauce is house made and it tangy and creamy. I dip my fries in it. The portions are pretty hefty, so M and I get the 2 fish meal, and add an extra piece of fish that he usually eats.

For an appetizer we always get the Scotch Eggs. These are hard boiled eggs wrapped in house made sausage and bread crumbs, cooked to a golden brown. They are served with pub mustard, which is a seedy thick mustardy mustard that is absolutely delicious!!!

The only complaint that we had on this visit is that we asked for Gin and Cranberry's (our out of the ordinary refreshing made up drink), and instead we got gin and tonics. We drank them anyway. It's hardly a complaint though. Overall, I highly recommend this place on all aspects!

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