Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day 9: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

To my surprise I found doughnuts upon arrival at the office. Normally I wouldn't indulge them, but there was something about the them this time that I couldn't pass up. They had probably arrived around 5 am, and by the time I got my hands on one you could tell that they ad passed their expiration date! My doughnut looked good, but it was not...

For lunch, I headed over to El Taco Tote. This place is delicious! Have you heard of this place? It's a Mexican franchise that originated in Juarez. They grill all of their meats, and offer a huge selection of fresh made salsa's on their salsa bar. You can also fill up with fresh cucumbers, radishes, jalapeno's, onions, etc. When you get taco's, you can choose either flour or corn tortillas, and then you pick your meat. I usually get one chicken, and one top sirloin. Oh, and their beans....they have boring ole re-fried beans and the most delicious charro beans that I have ever had! I can't even describe them. They are boiled pinto beans with bacon, and onions, and cilantro (but not too much), and tomatoes, and a whole lot of goodness that I don't what it is...My pictures suck because I had to use my camera phone.

My boyfriend made dinner this night, and boy was it good! He made grilled jerked chops with Mahatma Saffron Yellow Rice. I needed a vegetable, so I sliced up a cucumber and added some Italian dressing. We chatted excitedly about our day as he cooked, and ended up having an insane amount of 1800 tequila shots. After dinner, the night passed quickly and I think we ended up in bed at 9. It was fun though, and dinner was delicious. He really is a master griller!

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