Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day 4: Breakfast, Dinner, and Snack

So, the problem that I have with the blog is not getting everything photographed, but getting it written up. I knew this would be challenging! Let's see Day 4 was Sunday. I took everything that I had left over from Saturday's breakfast and threw it together in a scramble. Looks like a bunch of I don't know what, but it was delicious! It had potatoes, green chile, scrambled, eggs. cheese, and bacon. All I needed was a tortilla!

Since I had been craving tacos since last week, I gave in and picked some up from my favorite taco place Perico's. Man they are good, and the salsa is made fresh daily. I got a chicken and shredded beef one. I ate really early, so around 8 I got hungry again and treated myself to a bowel of corn chex with fresh banana slices. I'm been enjoying cereal lately.

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