Friday, April 9, 2010

Day 2: Breakfast and Lunch. No Snack :(

Today for breakfast I had my usual Yogurt and fruit. I know, exciting, right? But notice that I did switch flavors today...

Last night I was so tired, and I remembered that today was Friday so I decided to eat out. Tacos was on my hit list, but somehow instead I ended up at Sam's Club. I treated my lunch buddy to a pretzel with extra salt, and I got a Nathan's hotdog, a lg. drink, and a churro. All for $3.13! It's an amazing deal...and in my opinion you cannot spend 50 cents better than on 2 feet of warm mexican pastry goodness. Of course since I am never without drama, my first one ended up broken and on the floor, but my sad teary eyes prompted the lady behind the counter to immediately replace it - for no charge!

How do you dress your dog? I prefer only mustard and relish. If I wasn't working I would have had onion too; it was that kind of day...full of flavor! 

So tonight I'm headed to a friends for a jewelry party, and my mantra is "I am not buying any jewelry!" Hopefully there'll be some pretty good snacks. Afterward, maybe I'll take in a movie or go rent one. We shall see what the night brings....stay tuned.

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