Thursday, December 2, 2010

Review: Plan B Burger Bar - Glastonbury, Connecticut

Today was another good day...very productive and informative.  I know you're saying to yourselves, "what was he doing in CT?!?!"  Well, the main purpose of my business trip was to get the opportunity to meet the material management team...folks I deal with on a daily basis to keep the mission going.  It's no secret that it's good business to be able to put a face with a actually meet the people you only knew from phone calls or emails.  As I expected they're great group of professionals...and more importantly a great group of people!

In fact they were so great they arranged a trip to the Plan B Burger Bar.  One of the managers even sent out a meeting notice in my honor to have the whole team attend!  I felt like VIP!  Of course I was game...c'mon burger and drinks!  Click here for the menu and prepare to be impressed!  I started out with the American Nachos; house made potato chips (yeah, house made!) topped with chili, red onions, tomatoes, jalapenos, & American cheese sauce.  Check out the pic...need I say more!?!?  On to the main course...  As you can see they have quite the variety of burgers but you can't go all crazy with a burger!  I decided on the bacon cheeseburger: American cheese, bacon, caramelized onions, garlic mayo.  Burger was awesome!  And as you can see they give you a whole pickle...who does that!?!?  The fries were really good too!  Now I would usually complain about the amount of fries that accompanied a $10 (wait that was $11) burger but in this case there wasn’t enough room for fries!

What an awesome night...and with people I work with even!  We stayed there for hours talking, laughing and having a great time!  Awesome burgers, good drinks and great atmosphere!  Parting words...Always have a Plan B!

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