Friday, December 3, 2010

Review: Angelico's on the Boulevard - Glastonbury, Connecticut

Marcus here...guest blogger extraordinaire! Thanks for the blog invite El!

After a long flight I was looking forward to a good meal...on the company's dime of course! Once I checked into the hotel, I decided to go out and explore Glastonbury CT...a suburb outside of the Hartford CT area. My exploration was short because as soon as I left the hotel parking lot, Angelico's On the Boulevard caught my attention since it was right across the street. It was getting late and I was getting hungrier by the second...Angelico's it is! When I first walked in it was pretty empty....I don't know about you but that's not a very promising. Good restaurants are usually not empty! 

As I said before it was a long trip so I started out with a Jack and Coke to start the night! To start I decided to get a Caesar salad....El can attest but it's my favorite and I usually end of trying one no matter what restaurant we go to. When the salad came, I have to be honest it looked like a plain ole typical Caesar salad. Once I took my first bad, I was surprisingly mistaken. It was probably one of the best Caesar salads I've ever had...I'm talking Top 5!

On to the meal... They have a very diverse menu so it was really hard deciding what to get. I decided on grilled pork chops topped with caramelized apples & onions, finished with a classic charcuterie sauce over julienne vegetables & chive mashed potatoes. To get to the point...the chops were awesome!!! I'm usually not a big fan with dishes that have a gravy/sauce that incorporates fruit but it was done just right….just enough apple to give the chops a slight tart taste along with the onions. Two thumbs up! So, if you're ever in the Glastonbury CT area and looking for a chill place with good food and drinks check out Angelico's On the Boulevard, 40 Glastonbury Blvd!

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