Friday, February 25, 2011

Review Eddies Burrito's - Alamogordo, New Mexico

Eddie's Burritos is staple for breakfast burrito's in Alamogordo. There aren't too many options there for food in general, but especially not for breakfast. They did get a new IHOP a few months ago - but that only counts in an extreme emergency.
From my first visit
Eddie's a locally owned restaurant that specializes - obviously - in made to order burritos. Fortunately for me I love burritos and I am happy to try them at almost any place. The restaurant is pretty spacious, and really clean. The service is friendly and fast. The prices are reasonable; it appeared that there wasn't anything on the menu over $10. They also have a fresh salsa bar.

The set up is a cafeteria style line. Basically, you start with a tortilla and eggs and can add the usual assortment of fillings like bacon, cheese, potato, and green chile (this is my usual). They also have beans, ground beef, shredded beef, red chile, ChicharrĂ³n, sausage, etc. Each item is charged separately so if you don't watch it you can end up with a $10 burrito.

The first time I visited, the burrito was excellent! The bacon was crisp and plentiful. The green chile was spicy but not too hot. The burrito was a nicely stuffed, and they didn't skimp on the fillings. When I went back a few weeks ago it just wasn't the same. In fact, I just took a few bites and threw it away. What a waste! The eggs tasted old, and the chile was bland with no heat. Also, the potatoes were as hard as rocks. Ok, maybe not rocks, but they had not been cooked all the way.

The whole experience took me by surprise. I was there the first time right when they opened, and I got there kind of late the second time - around 8. Maybe that had something to do with it; I know that they are a very popular place. Even after that, I'd give it one more shot. I know that a lot of unexpected things can happen at a restaurant that can change even the best of meals. So I chalk my second experience up to that...changes.

Eddie's does not have a website, so here are the location details:

Eddie's Burrito's
700 1st St # 750
Alamogordo, NM 88310-6546
(575) 437-0266

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