Thursday, February 24, 2011

Review: Daylight Donuts - Alamogordo, New Mexico

Just a few weeks ago M just told me about Daylight Donuts...I'm kind of mad about it because I could've been eating these the whole time I've been visiting him down south.

This little place has some of the best donuts that I have ever had! Apparently everyone else in town thinks so too, because the line for the drive thru was down the block. I had never been here before, so I asked the woman that helped me to give me a mixed dozen of whatever was best with at least 4 glazed and a small bottle of milk. As soon as she handed me the retro styled box, I knew they were hot and fresh. From the heavenly aroma, I knew that they would be delicious too!
Ok, I'll admit that I only tried the glaze (I was driving back to ABQ)...BUT it was light and fluffy. It had the perfect amount of glaze and it was sweet but not teeth hurting sweet like a Krispy Kreme can be. Oh, and they were so cheap! A dozen mixed donuts, and a bottle of milk was only $7 and some change. Quite the bargain!!! 

I will definitely be visiting again, and am only sorry that M didn't introduce e to these sooner. Maybe it's for the best though since I've been dieting and working out. So in that case, thank you M!

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  1. Next time, give the red potato brisket burrito, I can never remember the name. They are small (all their burritoes are)but tasty!


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