Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Review: Cafe Istanbul - Albuquerque, New Mexico

A few weeks ago, our lunch club went to Cafe Istanbul. It was Chuck's pick...and What a Great Choice! I had been here before, but not to eat. I just to grabbed some Moroccan goods from the market for a project for school (they were a hit). The deli inside is amazing, and I could spend hours in the market checking out all the Middle Eastern imported foods. 

The deli is small and has a seating area with about 10 booths. We were seated right away, and after ordering our food came out very quickly. The place is very clean, and the waitstaff and owners were very friendly.
Chuck started with the Dolmathes, which were served warm, and I ordered the Feta and Kalamata Olives that was accompanied with the tastiest pita ever. I thought that it was really cool that I was given a choice of "with pits or without." I got them without.
Meredith and I ordered each ordered the Chicken Shawerma Platter. It came with hummus, side salad, pickle, saffron rice, tahini sauce, and a pita. Everything was so delicious, and the servings were so plentiful that neither of us could finish our plates! Chuck ordered the Kafta Platter, which came with the same things that we had. 

I didn't order dessert, but I got to try the Turkish Delight and Baklava that Meredith and Chuck ordered. The texture of the Turkish Delight reminded me of Fruit Delights that I get for my mom every Christmas, and it turns out...they're the same thing. I have to admit that I didn't particularly care for it...it had a strong rose water flavor that I wasn't expecting. I try rose and lavender flavor things all the time and I just can't get used to the soapy taste in my mouth! The Baklava on the other hand, was quite delicious. It was so moist and sticky, but the pistachios were still firm.
Cafe Istanbul was quite a treat! I can't wait to go back and explore the deli menu and market some more. Next time, I'll order from the "Super Value" menu. It's not as much food, and a Baklava is included! Yummy!!!

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  1. Hi! I love this place. It is so much fun to go and browse the aisles. I get many spices and basmati rice there. I also like their refrigerator section- great feta cheese! Thanks for the review. I linked to it in my blog- http://jillcsameals.blogspot.com


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