Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Review: Café Jean Pierre - Albuquerque, New Mexico

Chef Jean Pierre and Chuck
Meredith chose Cafe Jean Pierre for her turn for lunch club. Chuck is actually really good friends with Jean Pierre himself, so for him it was a no brainer. I had been to Cafe Jean Pierre when it was located on San Pedro and Candelaria, so I was up for a return trip too. His new (or newer) digs off of Jefferson and I-25, is a lot bigger and brighter, and on this particular day it was full of eager to eat patrons. Luckily we were the first ones there!!! Leaving early for lunch does has its advantages, but if your in a rush to eat and get out in less than an hour you may want to consider visiting another restaurant.

We all started with a bowl of french onion soup. I could tell that it was going to be delicious as soon as it was set in front of me. Check out the cheese that melted down the edges...yum!
Chuck ordered the Chicken crepe...I tried some, it was delicious too! It was full of chicken and mushrooms. Meredith had the beet salad. I didn't try it, but she seemed to enjoy it, and I had the Quiche Lorraine. It was amazing! The eggs were so light and was like eating little eggy clouds.
Just before we finished eating, we ordered dessert. I knew before I walked in that I wanted a crepe...a sweet one. I got the crepe with fresh bananas and nutella with whipped cream. Meredith had one with ice cream and pears drizzled in chocolate. Chuck ordered the best was a rolled crepe stuffed with creme. It was absolutely amazing! Meredith and I both made him share with us! I'd go back just for that....

In fact, I'd go back for just about anything. The one thing I would love to try are the mussels. People were ordering them left and right around us! They looked really good, and the people eating them looked so happy.

I definitely will return to Cafe Jean Pierre. It's kind of pricey, we each spent over $20...BUT then again, we all had an appetizer, entree, and dessert. The service was excellent, and we were greeted and seated right away.

Please forgive my lack of names for the dished we ate. The restaurants website is pretty nice, but they don't have a menu posted.

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