Friday, January 14, 2011

Review: Smashburger - Denver, Colorado

Smashburger was a last minute decision for us on M's birthday. For breakfast, we decided to stick around the hotel and ate at the buffet in the hotel. Surprisingly it was really good. After that, went to the King Tut exhibit at the Denver Museum of Contemporary Art. What an amazing place! I wasn't really impressed with the King Tut exhibit, but the rest of the museum is huge and there are some really amazing works. King Tut was PACKED and HOT! So packed that we could barely walk around, much less look at anything close up. That was really disappointing, since it was M's birthday and we were doing something that I wanted to do. After all the walking we did, we were famished so a late lunch was next on our itinerary.
M chose The Cheesecake Factory as his birthday lunch spot (Chain - I know, I know - but we don't have one in Albuquerque and it was his birthday). There was hardly a crowd, and when we arrived we were seated right away...and then we waited and waited and waited to have a server come over. After 15 min of waiting, another table was seated and immediately after they sat down a server was by their side. We got up and left. No one would have ever noticed either, but I complained to a manager (that took another 10 min) who blamed it on the shift change. He offered to seat us in another section and said he would comp a appetizer or dessert, but we were already thoroughly disgusted with the place that we left. So much for that!

Smashburger was right next door, so we got our grub on there. I had no idea it was a chain, until I looked it up online; New Mexico doesn't have one. Everything in the joint was very localized! They had mostly local beers and a Colorado Smashburger.
I had the Avocado Club Smashchicken sandwich and M had a bacon cheeseburger, both with Smashfries. The chicken sandwich was good, however kind of small...well flat is more like it. More avocado would have been appreciated too. The flavor was good though. As you can see from the picture above, they were a little skimpy on the bacon and cheese on M's burger, but he enjoyed it. The fries were good...fresh and crispy...just the way I like them. They were tossed with rosemary, olive oil, garlic, and other herbs for a great savory taste.All in all lunch was pretty good - and not too expensive either. I'd go back for sure, and now that I know that they're kind of all over the place I may be there sooner than later.

Here's M enjoying lunch. Despite the Cheesecake Factory mishap, I think that he had a great day. Especially when we went to the Nuggets game!

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